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MiVia Essential 350

MiVia Essential 350

Meet the MiVia Essential, the first activity band with built-in ECG sensor and innovative NASA EMD Technology, which shows your heart rate more accurately than any optical heart rate monitor, by just touching the ECG sensor with your finger for a short 2 to 10 seconds.

The ECG (Electrocardiographic) sensor is similar to the technology used in medical grade devices, so the results are extremely accurate. You can use this consumer band and get the same accuracy in your heart rate measurement as you would get from a medical grade recording.

Unique activity band with built-in ECG sensor

A short 2 to 5 seconds measurement on the ECG sensor with NASA EMD Technology shows your heart rate more accurately than any optical heart rate monitor. Monitoring your heart rate regularly will help you live more consciously and mindful, which will in return improve your health.

Heart Rate
Body Energy
Body Stress

Health & Body Index

Use the ECG sensor for 30 seconds to 2 minutes to see full analytics of your ANS (actual) age, body energy, and stress level. You will be surprised how much impact it has when you are aware of this very personal information concerning your shape and the effects on your body energy. Knowledge of those facts will assist you to live a more balanced life and improve your overall wellbeing.

Breath Training

Improve your health by practising your deep breathing regularly. Using the MiVia app, you can work with 3 levels of breath training to improve your ANS age, increase your energy level, reduce stress and sleep more restfully.

Activity tracker

Count your steps, track your activity minutes and analyse your sleep; anytime, anywhere. Every single step is one step closer towards living a healthier and more balanced life. Being aware of how much you move is a great motivation to add more activity in your daily lifestyle. Simply knowing about your habits will help you change them.

Activity Minutes

As soon as you are moving for 8 seconds, the Essential starts counting Activity Minutes. Challenge yourself and increase those important Minutes every day. Every Activity Minute helps you reduce your stress level, improve your energy level, lower your heart rate and simply improves your overall wellbeing on the long term.

  • Slim, lightweight and suitable for every wrist
  • Phone connectivity - receive alerts and previews of incoming calls and messages (Whats App, Facebook Messenger and Twitter compatible)
  • Bluetooth® low energy (BLE 4.0) - battery life up to 15 days without notification via BLE and up to 5 days with notification function on (fully charge time 1,5 hours)
  • No excuses - waterproof up to IPX7

MiVia Essential 350 Specifications

  • Ⓐ OLED Display
  • Ⓑ ECG Measure Button
  • Ⓒ Change Mode button
  • Ⓓ Magnetic Charger
  • Ⓔ ECG Sensor

MiVia Essential 350 Specifications

  • Size: 46.06*21.45*11.3mm
  • Weight: 25g
  • Display Size: 0.48"
  • Heart Rate: ECG sensor
  • Vibration alert: YES
  • Battery life: Up to 5 days with notification on / Up to 15 days with notification off
  • Water proof: IPX7
  • Charging Time: 1.5 hrs
  • BLE for smart notification: YES
  • Memory: Tracks 7 days of detailed motion data, minute by minute / Tracks daily totals for past 30 days
  • In the Box: MiVia Essential 350, USB magnet type charger, QSG
  • The device is not designed or intended for any kind of medical purpose.

MiVia Essential 350 App

The MiVia™ Essential app is free of charge and optimally designed to work with the MiVia Essential activity band; the first activity band with built-in ECG sensor and innovative NASA EMD Technology.

  • Wirelessly sync
    your MiVia Essential activity band data to your mobile device.
  • Auto-track your daily activities
    , including steps, calories burned,distance covered, active time, and sleep quality.
  • Calculate your Health & Body Index
    via ECG heart rate measurement, showing your heart rate, ANS (physiological or “real”)age, body stress, and energy values.
  • Breath Training
    provides an interactive rhythmic breathing coach to help balance your body's life-support network - the autonomic nervous system (ANS).
  • Smart push
    incoming calls, instant messages, WhatsApp, Line, Facebook, Twitter and Skype notifications from a mobile device to your MiVia Essential wristband. Of course when you’re enjoying your yoga time, you can also switch off this feature, so you can focus on your body and your breathing.

App Download

Reach your goals easily with the MiVia Essential App, which shows you a clear overview of your activities.