MiVia Run 350

Meet the MiVia Run 350, a stylish GPS running watch that will become your companion for life! Once you have started to use this expert Coach as your very own personal trainer and activity tracker, you simply won’t be able to run or live without it.

The integrated optical heart rate monitor ensures you have real-time guidance with every bit of important data on your wrist. But what’s really spectacular is the Personal Coach, which is one step ahead of you. This unique feature doesn’t just show your data but it actually combines your own fitness level, patterns from previous workouts and your results to create a daily personalised workout recommendation.

Stylish GPS running watch with integrated optical heart rate monitor

real-time guidance with every bit of important data on your wrist. You can easily track your run, analyse your results, and optimise your health!

Personal Coach

This unique feature combines your fitness level, patterns from previous workouts and your results to create a daily personalised workout recommendation. No need to go through the effort of making a schedule or a running program; the Coach has done your thinking for you and all you need to do is follow “Today’s Recommendation” to get in shape!

Training with focus on results

the Personal Coach doesn’t just show your data, but it actually uses a combination of expert programs like VO2 Max Estimation, Training Effect and Recovery Advisor to ensure real progress. These smart technologies know how to increase your VO2 Max, how much intensity in your training actually gets you the results you want and most importantly: when it’s time to move and when it’s time to rest.
By using these programs together, the Coach helps you increase your aerobic endurance and fitness level.
You’re being trained like a pro!

Easy to use training programs by distance, time, interval or pace

improve your endurance by running with pace alerts, or use the interval training to push yourself out of your comfort zone and become more fit. On your screen you can also see in which heart rate zone you’re currently moving, so you can train in your preferred heart rate zone. There are 5 heart rate zones, each with their own results on your body and your fitness level:

Automatic exercise recognition

when you’re running over 75 SPM* for at least 30 seconds, the MiVia Run 350 will automatically turn on the running mode. This means the device will switch on your GPS and heart rate monitor and will record every aspect of your exercise. So no need to remember switching modes before a run; your MiVia Run 350 will do it for you!

* “SPM” stands for Stride Rate Per Minute. 1 stride = 2 steps. Top-level distance runners typically run at a 90~100 SPM. The average recreational runner is closer to 75~85 SPM.

  • Phone connectivity - receive alerts and previews of incoming calls and messages (WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Twitter compatible)
  • Activity tracker - count your steps, track every activity, analyse your sleep and more
  • No excuses - waterproof up to 3ATM
  • Analyse your data and improve your performance via the app (iOS & Android) - compatible with all common sports community platforms
  • Global MiVia Group - motivate yourself by competing with users all over the world
  • Advanced heart beat analytics by Firstbeat

MiVia Run 350 Dissect Spec

  • Ⓐ Power Backlight
  • Ⓑ LCD Display
  • Ⓒ Stop Back Enter menu
  • Ⓓ Start/Pause OK
  • Ⓔ Page Scroll down
  • Ⓕ Magnetic Charger
  • Ⓖ OHR Sensor

MiVia Run 350 Spec

  • Size: 44.7*37.4*15.8mm
  • Weight: 51.5g
  • Display Size: 1.28"
  • GPS: YES
  • Heart Rate: Optical heart rate sensor (Accuracy is affected by physiology, location of device, and different movements)
  • Vibration alert: YES
  • Battery life: Up to 5 weeks in clock mode / Up to 10hrs in GPS mode / Up to 8hrs with GPS and OHR on
  • Water proof: 3ATM, suitable for swimming and bathing
  • Charging Time: 2.5 hrs
  • BLE for smart notification: YES
  • Memory: 100 hours of exercise data
  • In the Box: MiVia Run 350, I pair of extra wristband, 2 Hex keys,USB magent type charger, QSG

MiVia Run 350 App

The MiVia™ Run app is free of charge and optimally designed to work with your MiVia Run device. Record and monitor your runs, track your activities and keep a healthy lifestyle to help reach your fitness goals.

  • Daily storyline with location
    Dashboard displays every aspect of your life with daily activities and analyses each detail of your workout with locations.
  • Track your progress
    The MiVia app accurately analyses your workouts and provides yearly, monthly, and weekly summary reports. This exercise diary constantly motivates you to push beyond your limits.
  • Personalised to your body & shape with Personal Coach
    Just follow the Personal Coach with his “Daily Recommendation”; he knows the intensity you need to improve your fitness level. MiVia coaches you to reach your personal goals with each workout.
  • Compete with people all over the globe
    Nothing can motivate you more than a little friendly competition. Upload data from your compatible fitness watch or device to share via our online network to compare your progress with friends on weekly steps, calories, or distances.
  • Smart push incoming calls, instant messages
    ,WhatsApp, Line, Facebook, Twitter and Skype notifications from a mobile device to your MiVia Run wristband. Of course if you prefer not to be disturbed while running, just switch if off and focus on your workout and your body.

App Download

Reach your goals easily with the MiVia App, which shows you a clear overview of your activities.